What’s the Main Difference Between IT Service Management vs. Enterprise Service Management in the Philippines?

In the corporate world, business professionals will always attempt to introduce something new that corresponds to the needs and demands of the general public. With that, companies usually apply and reinforce IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management in the Philippines for the betterment of their entity.  If you are not familiar with the aforementioned service management, here are some information to keep you posted:

The first service management that you have to be familiar with is the “IT Service Management” or (ITSM), and the next one is “Enterprise Service Management” or (ESM) for short. According to Freshworks, the intended scope of Enterprise Service Management and IT Service Management are different from one another. Nevertheless, they still share common roots and are frequently implemented with the same set of concepts, tools, and processes within the organization.

IT Service Management (ITSM) in the Philippines

When we talk about IT Service Management, we are mainly talking about IT Services that are being offered to customers. Some of these services are the applications you use on your laptop or portable computer, the software you utilize online, and many more.

As mentioned by Freshservice, ITSM refers to activities like IT planning, designing, delivering, creating, supporting, and managing the life cycle of IT services for better customer service. In relation to this, Simplilearn explains that “customer satisfaction and business goals are at the core of ITSM success.” Unlike any technology-oriented IT approaches, ITSM is more on using a particular approach to help, assist, and focus on the needs of the customers with the use of technology. All in all, IT Service Management mainly focuses on how to make IT services more manageable for business needs.  

Benefits of IT Service Management

  • IT Service Management is more about improving the delivery side of IT services in support of various business objectives.
  • It helps you to have a better understanding of your company’s needs and goals.
  • It helps you to manage the IT services in a more manageable way.
  • It is an indispensable facet that aids everyone in their business errands.
  • It helps the company’s technology team to be in sync with their business objectives.
  • It allows you to manage your work time more effectively and efficiently.
  • It enables your company to save more money. With the use of IT Service Management, your services are becoming more standardized and efficient that minimizes the money you spend upon resolving such problems.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) in the Philippines

“Enterprise Service Management or ESM for short, is more focused on customer relationships and satisfaction with the use of numerous platforms and services.”

In any business, note that not everyone is familiar with the use of IT services and their corresponding approaches. Some people do not even grasp its complexities and usage, which makes them confused and frustrated during work hours. With that, lots of organizations, including business departments outside of Information Technology, are employing a long-established service management practices to operate their tasks more efficiently without being confused.

“When it comes to Enterprise Service Management, the employees usually provide a platform to be of service to their customers. Those platforms allow prospective customers to solve their inquiries on their own without having to monitor them one by one,” stated by Inaveit Systems Technologies. With this kind of service, the employees can save time to do more important tasks for the company instead of focusing on one aspect alone.

Benefits of Enterprise Service Management

  • It creates a productive working environment and workflow for the employees.
  • It creates a better line of communication for people in different departments.
  • The automation of the services helps the persons-in-charge to have fewer errors and can save more management time to do more critical tasks.
  • It increases customer satisfaction rate.
  • It allows the employees to control the information that is generated in the company.
  • It creates a better delivery and user experience.
  • It reduces the number of workloads. 

Main Difference Between IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management

Both IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management provide nothing but the best for the customers. These service management practices improve, design, assist, plan, and offer more efficient and manageable use of any system for the betterment of everyone in whatever they do.

Here is a table of their differences for you to understand it better: 

IT Service Management Enterprise Service Management
ITSM deals with the control, operation, and maintenance of IT service only. ESM incorporates the processes and orders that may not be necessary within Information Technology.
ITSM is more about planning, improving, and designing IT services to help customers. ESM is more focused on the customer relationship and satisfaction.
ITSM does not help the customers to solve issues on their own. ESM allows the company’s customers to resolve problems on their own.



IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management in the Philippines help people with the use of their customs and approaches. No matter how different they are, their purpose is for the betterment of both IT Services and people who work in such companies. Their differences are not that much because ESM takes the same goals of ITSM. Having these kinds of service management practices are essential from our day-to-day struggles in the corporate world to achieve our planned business objectives. With each passing day, new forms of technology and service management will emerge to aid people in anything relating to business.

Sometimes, you may not fully recognize it, but ITSM and ESM make your work life more manageable and hassle-free. They can help you and the company to achieve better customer satisfaction that can bring you good results in the process. If you keep on having the same struggles over and over again, chances are, you will be drained in your work as you keep on being submerged with those responsibilities.

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